At Long Fine Watch, every watch repair job is welcome, whether big or small! Our dedicated high-security maintenance facility handles hundreds of watch repairs daily. We service all types of watches, from luxury timepieces to daily sport watches to vintage collectors’ pieces, using manufacturer-issued replacement parts stocked in our warehouse. This allows us to offer unbeatable turnaround times!

Our master technician, The Loc, and his team of professionals are equipped to handle everything from routine overhauls to custom restorations. Loc specializes in both Japan and Swiss watch repair and is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. We take pride in providing top-quality work that meets the standards of some of the best brands. However, we also perform repairs on more popular watch brands, including:

Seiko | Citizen | Omega | Rolex | Casio | Zenith | Vacheron Constantin| Universal Geneve | JLC| Grand Seiko | & MORE

    Here’s a list of our most popular repair services:

    • Fast, FREE estimates
    • If you send to us and we cannot repair, we will return the money and the watch for FREE
    • Expedient Service
    • Swiss-trained, in-house watchmakers.
    • Maintain stock of Brand name parts
    • Over 30 years experience in quality watch repair
    • Convenient door-to-door service
    • All work backed by our 1-year warranty
    General Movement Overhaul

    Overhauls involve complete disassembly of the watch case, which includes ultrasonic cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly. The overhaul process varies depending on whether the watch is quartz or mechanical.

    Crystal Replacement/Repair

    LFW carries manufacturer issued crystals, generic plastic or mineral glass, and scratch-free sapphire crystal. Or, let the LFW professionals create a custom watch crystal for you!

    Crown Replacement

    Attempting to wind a watch with a broken crown may cause significant internal damage- Let the TWR team install a replacement, restoring your watches appearance, functionality, and water resistance.

    Band Repair

    Attached to your band? Whether you have a broken link, pin, or clasp, we’ll be able to repair your bracelet and replace any defective parts.

    Polishing & Precision Cleaning

    We begin the process by polishing and buffing your timepiece. Afterwards, an ultrasonic cleaning machine removes visible surface irregularities so your watch looks good as new!

    Hand Restoration & Replacement

    LFW has a huge inventory of watch hands, so we’re likely able to find an exact match for your timepiece (including vintage models). We also restore the hands’ luminosity at no additional charge.

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    Our Service Center for receiving watches:



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    536-0011 osaka shi Joto ku hanaten 2-5-21 , Japan.

    Tel: 090 4281 1560

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